Principal's Message

Principal: Brian Grimnes

Assistant Principal: Barbara Courain

Assistant Principal: Josefina Cabrera

At Cabrillo High School, the entire staff provides a great place for our students to learn and grow. Our teachers and staff are proud to offer a variety of programs and opportunities for all students, including rigorous academic content in the core and Advanced Placement classes; hands-on, real-life Career Technical Education (CTE) courses; and classes for English learners. Freshmen continue taking a class called Career and College Readiness, which helps students focus on their 10-year plans and future goals. Community leaders, parents, families, as well as local businesses continue to support our exemplary marine science/aquarium, visual and performing arts, and horticulture/viticulture programs, in addition to our athletic programs through their generous donations of time, money and expertise. The staff and students are embracing the Common Core State Standards and implementing the profound changes in instruction and assessment through staff development and implementation of strategies that facilitate the new and different learning outcomes.